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Settles Br. – Jones Br. (8 Miles total distance)

Posted by on October 22, 2013

Thanks to all our terrific guests, this weekend tour was a great success by all standards for Kayak Guy Atlanta. It was our inaugural tour and it turned out to be an awesome trip down the Chattahoochee River. We has some amazing first time kayakers, some seasoned kayakers, and some in between. I was very impressed because they all handled the Chattahoochee River like professionals.

As planned we started in Suwanee at the Settlers Bridge Park. The morning was perfect….with a cool, crisp start to our journey.  My Ford Explorer (affectionately named Betty) was loaded down with 8 kayaks, by far the most it has ever carried. But we arrived and our guests were ready to get started, most of whom told me they were first time kayakers but I question that because they turned out to be surprisingly strong paddlers.

Since they were “first timers” I gave my best attempt at a paddlers brief.  (I will work on that) But it must have been sufficient because as we put each kayak in the water, they pulled away like kayak ninjas and I was left to catch up. The group was off, all 9 of us……Angali, Sarah, Neha, Maria, Claudia, 7 year old Sophia, Robert, Gonzalo, and Kayak Guy Scott.

I love the morning for kayaking. And this morning was no different. It was quiet and cool and the birds provided a nice backdrop of noise.  It was a great sound also to hear our 8 kayaks quietly cutting through the water.  It gave me a huge smile after going through a lot of work to get these boats and turn my passion into a small business. Ahhhh

The trip distance is 7-8 miles total and took 4 hours.  Even though that seems long for the first trip, I thought it to be perfect. Our guests were Cross Fit/ Beach Body pros so I wasn’t worried about their stamina too much. But for reference to future guests, this trip is mildly strenuous.

It was a truly enjoyable trip and we had a few stops along the way to stretch our legs and get some food. Minor navigation was required where we hit some of the river shoals and light rapids. Overall I would say this is a good tour for strong beginners as we had.

 Thanks again to the crew and cheers from Kayak Guy Atlanta. If you want to join us for a trip like this, call (678-920-3944) or email ( 

Amazing Kayak Crew!

Amazing Kayak Crew!

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