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Morgan Falls Overlook Park kayaking

Posted by on December 28, 2017

This park is great for some recreational paddling. It is the water above Morgan Falls Dam so its like a lake and shallow too.  Its still the Chattahoochee River but they call this section Bull Sluice Lake. Here you will see lots of fishermen and paddle boarders. There are plenty of inlets to paddle into and see wildlife. Geese, deer, beavers, herons, and muskrats are everywhere here. 

Bulls Sluice lake is a must see if you haven’t been there and the best way to see it is from a kayak.  Its all flat water so it’s very safe for beginners but will provide plenty of scenery.

This location is good if you just want to drop in and paddle around for a few hours. Since it is a pretty large “lake”, you get plenty of places to navigate. There is open water kayaking, there are islands with shallow marshlands, and there are some large coves that provide good protection from the afternoon sun.

We had terrific new guests Jodie, Bruce, Andrew, Liv (2 years old) and Nate and they all handled their kayaks like pros.  They arrived early enough to see the morning fog and escape the afternoon sun. This section can be extremely hot in the summer, so plan accordingly. 

The scenery at Morgan Falls Overlook Park (Bull Sluice Lake) is amazing. The wildlife is always out there. We saw beaver and happened to jump a few whitetail deer while navigating some of the small inland cut throughs. If you want to kayak here you should navigate through the islands. Its like kayaking through the Amazon but you don’t have to worry about all the jungle snakes.

In all, this place is the best for beginners.  I would definitely recommend this park if you feel a bit nervous about kayaking your first time.  But its also a very scenic park that offers tons to see and do for all skill levels.  Let us know if you want to check Morgan Falls park and we’ll provide the kayaks.

Thanks again to the crew and cheers from Kayak Guy Atlanta. If you want to join us for a trip like this, call (678-920-3944) or email (

2 Responses to Morgan Falls Overlook Park kayaking

  1. Andrew

    I drove over there for the first time today. I looked for signs about launching from the dock but did not see any. I assume this is not against park rules?

    • Kayak Guy Atlanta

      There are 2 places to dock there. You can park on the upper lot and walk the trail down. Or go to the bottom of the dam and there is a vehicle accessible ramp. Both are free.

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