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Tennessee River Blueway

Posted by on January 29, 2014
Kayak the TN Blueway

Kayak the TN Blueway






It’s known as the Tennessee River Blueway, a 45 mile stretch of flatwater on the Tennessee River in southern Tennessee. It has some excellent scenery and great parks and marinas along the way, so it is an obvious ideal place for a kayak trip.  We did a shorter trip in 2014 and it was amazing. I loved the scenery and the camping on Williams Island was perfect. That is why I am quite ambitious about doing the entire 45 miles in a weekend in 2015.

Well now with a new season (2015) at Kayak Guy Atlanta and the ability to haul more kayaks, this trip is a no-brainer for one of our spring/summer excursions. The stretch runs from Chickamauga Dam to Nickajack Dam and gives kayakers some great scenery of downtown Chattanooga.  But it also has some excellent primitive camping sites along the way.  There is actually some really nice urban kayaking through Chattanooga and we found a few terrific places for grabbing some cold ones and some good food.

Williams Island provides more than adequate camping with plenty of open space. The island is huge and the camping area is a short walk from where you dock your kayaks. Fishing at the island at night could be a lot of fun. If we weren’t exhausted and short on fishing rods, I believe we could have had a field day catching catfish at night.  I have made a mental note to bring extra rods and lots of worms for this trip.

I normally leave my kayak trips open to all skill level…..but this one is 45 miles, so a strenuous paddle.  We can do it in 2 days (weekend) with some determination.  There are some excellent places to set up camp for one night. That means 20+ miles per day….a fairly ambitious but doable goal.

This post is to see who among our fellow kayakers would be interested in such a trip. So I am sending out the feelers in hopes I get a few adventurous folks to join me on this trip.  No dates have been planned yet but with your interest I promise we’ll make this happen.  Please respond to this post or email me at if you are interested.  Below I posted the point by point locations along this stretch. It’ll give you an idea what you will expect. Again if you haven’t signed up to our newsletter please look to the right of the “home” page and there will be a sign up form to keep you up to date on happenings with Kayak Guy Atlanta. Thanks again and cheers!

The TN River Blueway, Point-by-Point:
471.0  Chickamauga Dam
469.0  Tennessee Riverpark (Launch)
468.0  Rivermont Park (Launch)
467.8  South Chickamauga Creek (Launch)
464.8  Downtown Chattanooga/Maclellan Island (Camp)
464.4  Coolidge Park (Launch)
463.6  Ross’ Landing (Launch)
459.0  Lookout Creek (Camp – Chattanooga Nature Center)
455.2  Williams Island 
453.3  Suck Creek Boat Ramp (Launch)
451.5  Suck Creek
447.7  Pot Point (Camp)
444.5  Prentice Cooper S.F. (Camp)
444.4  TVA Raccoon Mtn. (Launch)
440.0  Sullivan’s Landing (Launch/Store)
432.4  Oates Island (Camp – Seasonal)
431.0  Hales Bar Marina (Camp)
429.0  Marion Co. Park (Camp/Launch)
426.0  TWRA Boat Ramp (Launch)
425.5  Shellmound Rec. Area (Camp/Launch)
424.7  Nickajack Dam

4 Responses to Tennessee River Blueway

  1. Kayak Guy Atlanta

    Yeah Becky I was thinking April or May. I will keep you up to date with all trips and events. Thanks so much for your interest. Scott

  2. Kayak Guy Atlanta

    I think maybe the second weekend of April.

  3. Kayak Guy Atlanta

    I am looking at the second week of April, Bobby. How will that work? Thanks.

    • Kayak Guy Atlanta

      If you can’t make this event, don’t worry we’ll have many more. Hope you can join us!

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