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Atlanta Kayak Rentals and Trips in 2015. What to expect.

Posted by on January 7, 2013

Kayak Rentals AtlantaKayak Guy Atlanta rentals and tour services will be launching .  We will be renting sit-in  Dagger Zydeco kayaks. These are great for flat water and rivers.  We aren’t just a one stop rental, instead there will be some weekend tours that may extent for several miles and last 2-6 hours (maybe longer) depending on our enthusiasm level.

I would like to host some morning tours when the mist is hanging low to the water and it is absolutely amazing to see.  A bit eery but a spectacular event to behold when you can only see 10 feet in front of you.

Tours will be priced accordingly and may include coffee (which I need in the morning) and a light meal. The tour could make a few stops along the way. The sandbars make a great place to swim or just relax along the route.

The Etowah River will be host to a large majority of our tours, but we will also host tours on other rivers or lakes in Georgia so we keep things interesting.   If you are familiar with any, I would love for you to give your feedback.  Please leave comments below this post. I can be contacted at if you want to send me an email. I want to make this a year where we can all get outdoors without breaking the bank. Thanks and cheers!


6 Responses to Atlanta Kayak Rentals and Trips in 2015. What to expect.

  1. Francine

    Glad I ran across your site! I have been kayaking on occassion, having to rent. But just bought my own boat and would love to have some scheduled excursions with others to explore the rivers and lakes of the surrounding area. Thanks!

    • Kayak Guy Atlanta

      Stay in touch, we are planning some big events coming up. Get signed up on the newsletter and I will keep you up to date on events. Join us next event. Cheers

  2. Remy Ritzberg

    I wanted to know the rental pricing?

    • Kayak Guy Atlanta

      Very straight forward Remy. $35 for half day. $50 for full day. $90 for weekend. Tours depend but normally $25-40. Check out the next tour on the Chestatee River, only $25.

  3. Harry Calsbeek

    We had a great time kayaking yesterday! Thanks Scott!
    Your prices were fantastic and you made it easy to enjoy the morning on the Chattahoochee.
    We are looking forward to doing some more floating with you.
    Thank You!

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