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Customize Your Tour or Rental @ 678-920-3944


Do you have kayaking in mind?

Do you want to do some kayaking in metro Atlanta? Maybe you want to take a guided tour trip on some Georgia waterways? You have come to the right place for sure. Kayak Guy Atlanta will get you geared up for whatever flat water adventure you have in mind. If you are new to kayaking, no problems we take new kayakers all the time. We can even provide a basic lesson to help you get comfortable before you set out on your adventure.

Customizable Kayak Rentals

Kayak Guy Atlanta is a mobile kayak rental and tour service that operates around the Atlanta area.  We have some terrific rivers (Etowah, Chattahoochee, Chestatee) right in our back yard and it is a great place for a little kayak adventure and sightseeing.  We are mobile so we bring the kayaks to you.  So let us know where your kayak trip may take you…..just a call to us (678-920-3944) and we’ll show up on site and gear you up. (boat, PFD, and paddle)
If you are visiting Atlanta or new to kayaking in Atlanta we will give you recommendations on places to go based on your skill and preference. All you do is sign a liability waiver, pay for the kayak and then go to it. When you finish we’ll come get you and your boat. If you need a ride back to your car we can also arrange that. We can even come pick you up if you don’t have transportation.

 Fleet Rentals

We can offer our entire fleet for rent for extended periods of time. We will give entire fleet rental discounts when you rent all of our kayaks.  I can deliver the kayaks to the place of your choice, even outside the Atlanta area. There may be a small fee for out of town deliveries.  This is ideal for large group or family vacations at locations it may be expensive to rent kayaks or kayaks are not available.

Weekend Tours

Here is the really cool part.  Kayak Guy Atlanta will also host some tours on the weekend. Each weekend there will be a new location. Some will be short day trips (2-5 hours), and there may also be some longer trips for the truly adventurous ones. These tours will be a lot of fun and we’ll update the trip on the “next tour” link week to week on the website. We have done tours in many Georgia rivers and will even venture out of Georgia on occasion to have an adventurous weekend on the water.

Stay in Touch

So I can keep you up to date on the events for the week, fill out the newsletter signup form and confirm your subscription. This will allow me to send you weekly emails to link to the “next tour” link on my website. Thanks so much for stopping by and cheers!

Kayak Guy Atlanta

Kayak Guy Atlanta


Half Day Rentals – $35 per single kayak, $50 double kayak (0-4 hours)

Full Day Rentals – $50 per single kayak, $65 per double kayak (4-8 hours)

Weekend Rentals – $80 per boat  (2 days)

Guided Tours – (price depends on the tour)


What We Offer:

  1. Mobile Kayak Rentals (discount for full fleet rentals)
  2. Weekend Tour Events (new location each weekend)
  3. Basic Kayak Classes for Beginners
  4. Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
  5. Boy/Girl Scout Events
  6. Corporate Outings
  7. Random Tours Outside Georgia

10 Responses to Home

  1. Nate Griffith

    Glad to see you guys are doing this! Nice website!

  2. David Pais

    I used kayakguyatlanta before and his service is great. At shoot the Hooch the Kayak rentals are $25 per hour – Scott’s prices are $7.5/hr (up-to 4 hrs) and 5.62/hr (up-to 8 hrs) … his prices are awesome .. and the 2 day weekend rental works out to allot lesser per hour. He will also bring kayaks to you for a reasonable price. Give Scott a call. You will not be disappointed.

  3. Sarah

    Had a great time going down the river on May 25th. Scott always picks the best places to check out via kayak!

  4. Mariela Hoffman


    I am interested in joining your kayaking trips.

    I recently purchased my own Kayak and wanted to be updated on the trips you guys make.

    Thank you.

    Mariela Hoffman

    • Kayak Guy Atlanta


      Thanks for asking. We’d love to have you join us with your kayak. If you sign up for the newsletter, I will be able to send trip updates. We have one this Saturday October 12th at 9AM if you can join. Details at Thanks and cheers!

  5. Eddie

    Scott, My wife and I will be in Atlanta this weekend. She has never been kayaking. I have modest skills, having been canoeing and kayaking in mostly mild rivers, with one trip on the Buffalo River a few years ago. What is a good place close to Atlanta that you would recommend to take her? We will be looking for somewhere to go this Sunday, June 15. I think she would enjoy some small rapids. She has done white water rafting before and loved it, but obviously, you aren’t required to have a lot of knowledge on those trips. The guide does most of the work. I don’t think she would enjoy a lot of flat water, as she would be bored. I appreciate your assistance. What kind of kayaks do you rent? Size? Thanks, Eddie

  6. slowcpa

    Just did the Etowah (hwy 9 to Kelly bridge) trip with Scott. I, my wife, son (10), daughter (13) and her friend all had a great time…well maybe not my bride so much. She swamped her kayak twice. Both times she ran into a tree. Moving forward she says shell do more paddling and less floating. See you next time Scott.

    • Kayak Guy Atlanta

      Well maybe she would like the larger, and less tree fallen rivers. Thanks for coming out…I will send you pics from the jumping rock.

  7. Scott R.

    Had a great time on the River. Thanks so much!!

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